Sunday, May 14, 2006

Alignment woes

After changing the idler arm and installing the poly bushings in the front lower A-arms, I figured it would be time to get a front end alignment. But I also wanted a custom alignment done to help in competition. This includes more caster, and negative camber. After some researching and looking at suggestions, I decided on CanAlignment in Milton, Ontario.

Scott at CanAlignment is a racer, and has alot of years in race car setups. He's also good at doing custom alignments for competition cars. When I spoke with Scott to make the appointment, he indicated that he can max out the settings as far as the OEM adjustment will go, and it would cost $65. If I needed any custom work done, then it's time dependant. At this point, budget only allows for a non-custom alignment.

After setting up the car on the alignmnet rack, Scott took a quick look around and right away told me that the camber setting was maxed out as it is. I knew that before getting there though since I could see the slots were already at the end of adjustment. I was just hoping this was already in negative camber, but it wasn't. It was at +0.5 degrees which is a joke, even for a OEM alignment. Basically, if I want more camber (I was hoping for at least -1.0 deg.), I'd have to either get aftermarket camber/caster plate, or slot the existing plates, or add camber bolts to the strut/spindle mount. If I just go with modified camber bolts, that will cost $150. Spohn Performance has a set of custom camber plates for $300 which are also beefier and can be used for a coil-over front setup if I plan on doing so in the future. But for now, I'm stuck at a sucky +0.5 deg of camber.

For caster, the current setup was at 3 degrees. Scott managed to max that out to 4.5 degrees which is great as that is what I was hoping to get. Toe was at 0 degrees, but he changed that to 1/8" of toe out.

Look the look...

Today I finally got time to make my side magnets when I compete. It was easy to do and looks kinda sharp in my opinion. I made one for my car number (#15), my Solo2 class designation, one for Inside Track Motorsports news (more on this in a shortly), Spohn Performance, Toronto Autosport Club, and finally for this website.

When I was thinking of what logos I could add to the car, I tought of adding Inside Track because they are Canadian and write mostly about Canadian motorsports. I also enjoy my subscription every month. I didn't have a good logo so I contacted David Weber at Inside Track and see if he could hook a brotha' up with some good sized logo. I got a response from him within a couple hours, on a Sunday night none the less. But along with the logos came a little surprise:

Hi Ray,

Here is a jpeg and a hi-res eps file - let me know if these work for you. Also, please send me a photo of the car once its done so I can print it in an issue.

This is very nice gesture on your part - we might need to find a way to reciprocate :)


Well, that simply made my day. I can't wait to have a good picture of the car in race trim on the track to send to David, and especially seeing the car in print.

Next weekend, Sunday May 21st, WOSCA is having another club event and I will certainly be there. Hopefully this time I"ll have some good pictures to share.

Have a good week everyone!


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