Monday, May 29, 2006

It's off to the races....

Back to the "Rollers"

May 23rd, 2006 - I'll start off this post with my latest chassis dyno experience.

It was a beautiful sunny day with temps around 68F. I show up right on time at 6 PM. Setup takes about 5-10 mins and then it was time to roll.

The first few pulls didn't work out too good. The sensor that picks up the RPMs from the plug wire was losing signal in the higher RPM ranges. So Mike moved the pickup to a different wire, and that did the trick.

I did a total of about 6-7 pulls, and what I saw made me happy. I did not lose any power or torque on the top end but gained a significant 30 lbs-ft of torque at the rear wheels between 2000 and 3100 RPM, or the sweet spot as I like to call it.

I posted a comparison between the old run in February, and the latest one on May 23rd. You can see that HERE.

I've also posted a video of the last run in the VIDEO SECTION. Enjoy.

HADA "Take it Off the Streets" Autocross Event #2

May 27th, 2006 - This was my 2nd official autocross event. I've had the itch the minute I left the parking lot from the WOSCA event on May 7th. Not only that but I knew that this event had a bigger "track area" which would mean more spots that a big ass Z28 would enjoy. I brought my better half, Billie-Jo, with me to this event since she was off from work, plus I need a videographer. :)

It was a beautiful warm day in the high 70s, and a decent group showed up. After registration, we unloaded the car, and prepped it. We then proceed to do a course walk. Billie gave out after 1 lap. I continued and walked the course twice. It was fairly straight forward and I felt confident enough after 2 walk throughs.

The first run is always the "learning" round and usually ends up not feeling good, and this one was no exception. I knew it sucked and accepted that, not to mention I almost lost it heading towards the stop box. ;(

Second run definitely felt better and I picked up half a second with a 60.336 vs the 60.854 in the first run.

Third run felt about the same as the 2nd, but this time a pylon was victim to my RF tire so it cost me 2 seconds, and a total time of 63.331.

The 4th run felt AWESOME and the timer showed that, except again, I lost 2 seconds for taking out a cone. But even with that penalty I was still at 60.9, which means it was a 58.9 sec run. That would have put me in the Top 10 overall.

The 5th run was a write-off since I cooked the rear tires through the lond sweeping left hander, literally drifting through most that corner, so when I corrected for the next right hander, the car just spun. I refired and finished the run for a sec.

Overall, HADA put on a great event, and everything went smoothly. Not to mention the great tan I got from the sunny day. I can't wait for the next event. :)

You can see pictures of The Sickness in action HERE, and a video of my 4th run HERE.

Round and Round we go...

May 28, 2006 - Today it was off to Sunset Speedway for a little 1/3 mile paved oval action.
There was suppose to be close to 50 cars, but only 8-9 showed up, which meant we had more flexibility with what we wanted to do as far as format is concerned.

We started off with 1 warmup lap, then 3 timed hot laps, then 1 cool down lap. After that, we went with 1-6-1. Unfortunately, after 4 laps, my right front tire was starting to melt and the would not stick coming off the turns.

Overall I did 3 stints and was happy with the experience. If I had racing tires, and more camber, I would have been able to push it a little harder. My average lap speed calculated from time was 65.6 MPH.

Unfortunately, one of the cars did not go home as it left it. CLICK HERE

To watch my 2nd stint (which wasn't the fastest), you can go to the VIDEO GALLERY.

Well, that's all for now. I'm still deciding if I will me making the SOlo2 Regional events this coming weekend. Weather looks nice and it is tempting.

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