Saturday, May 19, 2007

Where do I start...

It's been so long since I posted something, I don't even know where to start. Because of that, I'll try and make this as much of a "Cole's Notes" version as possible.

The Long Cold Winter

I didn't get much done on the car until about March. I was tired of looking at the bad paint spots on the roof and rear bumper so I decided to try and fix that up. You can see all the picture details HERE of how that went. Overall, for me anyhow, it's better than looking at the bad spots. Hopefully come winter 2007/08 I can put a fresh paint on the beast.

Next, I had to fix the leaky differential cover. Again, I removed & cleaned the cover and made sure to drain ALL the oil out of the differential. I reinstalled and used conventional 75w90 gear oil WITHOUT the limited slip additive which will hopefully give my aging LSD unit little more slippage torque. As a side note, I checked the slip torque on the LSD before I changed the oil and only got 33 ft/lbs, and that's with a cold unit. I would imagine it being in the 20s when hot. I will check it again after a few miles with the new oil and no additive.

Next on the list of attention was brakes. I did a thorough check of the brake system and flushed the brake fluid with the Ford DOT3 (550F) brake fluid. The brake pads where still good but the front rotors were pretty much on their last leg being a few thou below minimum spec. I knew I would be signing up for the PITL Autocross series for this season and the sponsor Williams Performance Friction was providing some street/AX type compound pads so I didn't change anything until I got the pads. All the brake lines checked out perfectly.

Next...oil change & lube. Since the engine is getting a little tired (increased oil consumption), I added a can of "Restore" to the crankcase. I need to get at least another season out of this thing.

Final task; MAJOR CLEAN JOB. With all the sanding & painting I did to do the touch ups, and having the car sit all winter, there was quite a build up of crap all over the car. Several hours later with the help of Mr. Meguiar, she was all nice and shiny...well as good as a 20 year old paint can be anyhow. I also did some cleaning under the hood.

Let The Games Begin

March 31st was the Open House for the MOSC Push It To the Limit autocross series (PITL) which I had plan to run this season because they use the Oakville Bronte GO Station lot which a like, series registered drivers get some free brake pads, they give a 2% Street Tire bonus, and I really like how this group runs their events from my experience last fall.

May 5th - PITL Season Opener - The weather couldn't have been better, and what an amazing turnout...114 competitors showed up for some AutoX action, including a couple of Lotus Elise's, a Ferrari 348, a bunch of Miatas, Subarurus, etc. and 6 F-Bodys (including me) which were all from Toronto FBody Motorsports (TFBM). After everything was said and done, I ended up 43rd out of 114 drivers, and 18th out of 40 or 50 in my "C Mod" Class (official results are still not posted as of this writing). I was really happy with how the car handled and with my performance. You can see pictures HERE in the gallery.

May 13th - Well I had to replace the fuel pump. It didn't leave me stranded but I barely got home. I checked the pressure and it was only running at 2-3 lbs at idle, and 4 lbs at 2000 RPM. Although that fixed that problem, I'm still getting a high RPM cutoff/bog. At wide open throttle, once it reaches the 4000-6000 RPM range, it feels like the car just shuts off until I got off the gas and let the RPMs go down. It doesn't affect the regular cruisng/driving around though. I suspect it might be something with the ignition module. I have a spare one that I will swap out and see if that fixes things.

May 18th - Seaway Mall Cruise - Since the car is somewhat presentable, I decided I would do more cruises this year and this was the first Official one of the season here in Welland at the Seaway Mall. There was good weather, and a nice turnout of various cars. I ran into a few guys I knew including Trevor (AKA Screech who decided to take the 76 Olds out for a spin. I'll probably be doing a cruise/drive Sunday afternoon from Grimsby to Port Dalhousie, and then again Sunday night there is a cruise in Niagara Falls. Click HERE for pictures of last nights cruise.

On a final note for today, I bought all new brake rotors and also Hawk HPS brake pads (from Wildgoose Performance) and will be installing those either today or tomorrow, as on Monday, I have a 4 hour meeting with the Dunnville Autodrome. :) Should be fun. Lets hope I don't end up in the weeds. ;(


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