Monday, June 18, 2007

Busy Bee Weekend

Another beautiful summer weekend has come and gone, and it was a busy one for me.

Friday evening, June 15 - Seaway Mall Cruise

For the 2nd time this year, I attended the Welland Seaway Mall cruise and it was quite busy this time compared to the first one. Last I heard, the announcer said there was 306 cars. There were also quite a few very nice ones, including a very nice custom Chevy S10. Speaking with the young owner, he said it was painted by himself and his father in their garage. They also installed Caddy rear lights which added a nice touch. The color was a custom mixture but it was very nice in the sun. You can see pics of that truck and some of the other cars HERE.

Saturday, June 16 - Wildgoose Open House

Saturday was Wildgoose Performance's Open House celebrating 30 years in the business. It was a pretty good turnout. They had dyno sessions almost every hour on a small block Chevy 383...until about 2:30 when one of the head gaskets blew. The burnout contest was entertaining, plenty of prizes, and someone even walked away with a $1000 set of Konig wheels. You can see pictures HERE. I also took a video of one of the dyno session which you can view HERE. And finally, you can see the burnout competition video HERE.

After I got home from the Open House, I went and picked up a used adjustable BMR Panhard Bar for my car to replace the cheesy OEM unit. I then proceeded to install the bar, and also changed 2 small rubber gas lines that are just over the rear axle just in case that might be causing my fuel problem...but it didn't help in the end.

Sunday, June 17 - CASC Provincial Event #3

I decided to do some racing today to try out the new front alignment. The event was hosted by the Competition Corvette Club. I always enjoy their events because they have big, open course layouts to accommodate the big HP of the Corvette. Most courses are tight and cater to the smaller cars. But it didn't matter because of the following equation;

375 HP + 3400 lb car + 3 year old street tires = NO TRACTION & SLOW

Translation: I got annihilated...wasn't even close in my class or alot of slower classes simply because I can't put the power down or use the cars suspension to the fullest without sticky race tires. I'm on the outside looking in. Oh the saying goes: A bad day at the races is still better than a good day at work.


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