Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Small update...

Another small update; First on the car of course: The paint is done in the engine bay, door jams, door frames, and in the hatch. The engine and most of the crap is reinstalled in the engine bay, doors are back on the car and so is the hatch. More pictures added in the GALLERY.

This weekend, the plan is to finish the paint on the outside of the car. Can't wait to get that done. I've also finish ordering all my parts to finish up the car for the Performance World show.

As far as the Speedorama show, our CCFBG club won the club award for a 2nd straight year, and several of the clubs cars that were in the show won Best in Class, and there was also a couple of runner ups. I will be adding the pictures I took very shortly. They should show up HERE.


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