Friday, March 21, 2008

It's Done!

After a long hard winter, the car is DONE! Well, sorta. I still have a few minor bugs to iron out and it's ready to roll. That doesn't mean it's done done. It's just done...ready to drive. This is an ongoing project. I will slowly start to tackle other little things like the stereo head unit, interior, finish the air conditioning, etc.

Performance World Car Show - March 14 to 16, 2008

As I had previously mentioned, I was in the Performance World car show in Toronto last weekend with some of the TFBM Club cars. It was a great time, and great turnout, but Krazee1 didn't win anything...mostly because I was up against TRAILER QUEENS and some politics. Hence the new logo I'll be putting on my show board.
Up next, there is a Dunnville lapping day on April 27th, but I'm not sure if I will make that one yet. I don't know if I have totally resolved my fuel starvation issue yet. I might visit the one of the Tune & Test days at the drag strip before that day and see if things are working right.

I can't wait for this LONG winter to be over. I'm ready to do some cruising.

That's all for now.


At 6:05 PM, Blogger Randy MacKenna said...

Hi Ray, I found your car on (for some reason the admin is not approving any new members at that site). Question for you: that Dupont paint you used, was it a straight basecoat then clear, or did it require a pearl midcoat as well? Also, which Dupont paint line was it? Thanks, Randy

At 9:39 AM, Blogger MadDog said...

Hi Randy - I used the Dupont Chromabase with the Dupont Appearance Clear.

It's base, then a pearl/metallic midcoat, then clear. The base is really "orangy", the mid was a yellowish/gold translucent color with gold metallic flakes. None of the pictures really do it justice until you see it in person in the sunshine.


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