Friday, June 27, 2008

Update...and how about this crappy weather!

OK, it's been another stretch since my last update. I hope my memory can fill some voids here.

March & April

After the Performance World show, nothing much happen for the couple following months. Not to mention, spring was slow to get here. The car pretty much sat in the garage all that time, and I licked my budget wounds (and still licking today) from the expedited schedule.

May 23-24th

The first couple weeks of May weren't too exciting as in April. May 23rd was the first official day of the Seaway Mall cruise, which almost did not happen this year because they couldn't find anyone to carry liability insurance. But, the Welland SPCA finally stepped up and now they will benefit from great donations from 50/50 draws. Pictures of that first Welland Cruise can be found HERE.

The following day, I headed up to the Kitchener/Waterloo area for the 3rd Annual Cruisin' Home show in St. Jacobs. It was a beautiful day weather wise, and a decent turnout. CCFBG once again had one of the biggest club turnouts. It was also nice catching up with everyone after the long winter & spring. Pictures of the show are HERE.

May 29-30th

Thursday May 29th was the first Pen Centre cruise of the year, with a modest turnout of about 70 cars. Shawn of Wildgoose Performance showed up late to announce that they were supporting the cruise as a corporate sponsor. Some pics of the cruise HERE.

May 30th I attended once again the Welland cruise at Seaway Mall. Weather was threatening so attendance was moderate. There was a visit from a Ferrari 360 Modena that parked behind me. Nice car to say the least. Met up with Dave & Dan for some chatting. Pics of of the cruise HERE .

June 7 - 8th

For the first weekend of June, the 7th was the 6th Annual CCFBG Show & Shine in Etobicoke. Attendance at this years show was around 70. The show consist of Camaros & Firebirds of all generations, stock, customs, race cars, etc. There was even a visit from some members of the GTA Knights club. These are Knight Rider enthusiasts, but more importantly the star of the show, KITT. It was a great show once again, and weather was very hot and humid....good enough for a decent tan. :-) The rest of the pictures can be found HERE.

The next day, on Sunday June 8th, it was off to the Brampton Powerade Centre for some autocrossing fun with the TFBM club. The weather was suppose to be nasty with chances of T-storms, but in the end, it turned out the be another nice day. There was a decent turnout with about 25 cars including a 2005 Dodge Viper, which I had a chance to go for a round on the course a passenger. WOW, what a trip! That was worth the price of admission by itself. Overall, the car worked great, except it's still too tail happy. I finished 6th (PAXed) overall, and 2nd from the people running street tires. Pictures of the event are HERE. Here's also a VIDEO of one of my slower runs.

June 14-15th

Once again, I registered for the Camaro Nationals hosted by the Ontario Camaro Club. It was their 20th Anniversary show, and it was a great success. There were close to 220 cars in attendance over the weekend, and over 50 in my 3rd gen class. For the anniversary show, they did not do the typical judging, but instead was based on participant voting. Top 10 trophies for each generation would be given out. Saturday morning, the weather didn't look like it would cooperate, but eventually, the whole weekend turned out nice and hot....further increasin my tan. In the end, I got one of the Top 10 trophies in my 3rd generation class, which was great. I'm very happy with that. HERE are all the pics for the weekend.

Not much has happen since then. Mostly local rides, etc. I'm slowly returning the car to emissions compliance because of all the hassle from the local dumass government and their cop clonies. So far I have the charcoal canister installed. I aquired a used 3" catalytic convertor, an EGR valve, and now an EGR intake. More money is required to do the installation. I've also upgraded the stereo with a new Pioneer DEH-P5000UB head unit which has a built-in USB, and rear AUX in for the satelite radio. Installed that last night, and everything is looking goo. Install pictures to come.

This Sunday is the 14th Annual Canal Fest Car Show held at Lock 8 Park in Port Colborne...a mere 2 kms from my home. But once again, weather is NOT looking good at this point. Time will tell.

Till next time, help control the pet population and have your pet spayed or neutered. ;-)


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