Thursday, July 10, 2008

14th Annual Canal Fest Car Show

Originally scheduled for June 29th but postponed to July 6th due to rain & soggy field conditions. The show is held at Lock 8 Park in Port Colborne, which is a nice venue, right by the Welland Canal. You enjoy the weather, cars, and the odd freighter ship going by. Due to the 1 week push, attendance was down, but there was still over 200 cars.

I signed up for the show under the "1986 to 2004 Modified" class. When everything was said and done, there were 5 cars in the class; 2 late-80s Pontiac Fieros, a 2003 Ford Focus, a 95 Chevy Camaro, and myself. This was the first show that I setup the notebook with the show video. Alot of people watched it so I'll probably keep modifying it as I get more footage.

The weather was hot, and somewhat sticky, but enjoyable in the shade.

Come award time around 4:30 PM, the 2 runner up trophies for my class went to both Fieros. At that point, I thought I was done. But low & behold, "Class Champion, Ray Vachon with his 86 Camaro Z28." OMFG!! I couldn't believe it. My first 1st Place finish! Made my day.
To top it all off, this also gives me a $50 store credit with Wildgoose Performance as part of the contingency program they have this year, which I signed up for. That $50 will go towards my purchase of stainless steel braided brake lines for the ride. For all the show pictures click HERE.

This Saturday, July 12th, it's off to St. Thomas Dragway at the dragstrip with the gang of TFBM. This is a club event, and I haven't been to a dragstrip in over 2 years.

Then on Sunday, I'll be headed for the US border to the 6th Annual Rods & Piston Super Cruise in North Tonawanda NY at Fisherman's Park.

Later gaters!


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