Saturday, August 30, 2008

Turning a new leaf

There comes a time in every motorheads life that a decision needs to be made between a street car, and a race car. That time has come to me this week. It's always been a struggle with the freshly done up 86 Z28 how far to go with motorsports. Now the struggle is over, as a new addition to the stable arrived yesterday. Coming to a race track near you in 2009, a 1994 Pontiac Trans Am GT.

Click on image for bigger view.

Current specs on the car as follows:
  • Stock V8 5.7L LT1 (1995 engine) - 275HP @ 5000, 325 ft-lbs @ 2000 RPM
  • Auto 4-spd Transmission
  • 3.23 Rear axle ratio with Posi
  • Double diamond subframe connectors
  • LS1 front brake conversion
  • Magnaflow Cat-back exhaust
  • T/A Diff Alum. Girdle
  • Walbro 255 LPH Fuel Pump
  • SLP Fan Switch
Yeah, it may look tame right now, but come spring 2009, she'll be a full fledged dedicated road race car. Of course due to budgetary constraints, not everything will be completed this winter. For my 2009 "rookie" season, I will leave the engine at stock power as it's already fast enough to get me in trouble. Other than the usual mechanical updates like wheel hubs, tie rod ends, etc, here is some of the planned "upgrades" for this winter:
  • Complete gut the interior parts - Carpet, rear seats & belts, plastics, stereo, etc.
  • Remove all HVAC components - Air conditioning parts, heater parts, etc.
  • Shock tower brace (thanks to Jeff for the used component)
  • Replace all fluids with synthetics
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Get an optimized ECM tune
  • Cold Air Intake
  • Stranos upper A-Arm camber bushings
  • 160* Hi-Flow Thermostat
  • Relocate battery to RR of the car
  • Upgraded brake pads, probably Carbotech XP10 on the front, and XP8 for the rear
  • ...and of course 4 Hoosier R6 R-Comp tires - 275/45/16 mounted on lightweight 16x10 wheels
If the budget allows it, I'll be installing the Stranos Handling Package 3 which includes springs, front & rear sway bars, 4 Koni adjustable sports shocks, and an adjustable panhard bar. Although a hefty $1700 with shipping, this package has been used on alot of championship winning Firebirds & Camaros....It's a proven setup.

For photos and updates coming soon.

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At 7:42 AM, Blogger P1 said...

Congrats on the new acquisition! I will follow along and very interested to see the transition to a race car. Keep the articles coming! "P1" from :)


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